Broad Customer base

Our products are present in diverse customer applications.

Such as:

  1. On and off-road vehicles
  2. Light duty passenger vehicles / ATV´s to busses
  3. Heavy duty trucks
  4. Construction and agricultural machines
  5. gas and diesel engines

Our portfolio of customers is global.
We go from a few prototypes and simple products to higher volume needs of complex thermal insulation solutions.

Project References

As a result of the common goal, to be able to use the energy resources available optimally, we must count companies from a wide range of automotive and engine industries among our customers.

  • On-road: trucks, buses, cars, sport and motorsport
  • Off-road: tractors, harvesting equipment, construction vehicles
  • Diesel railcars
  • Ships
  • Tanks, special-purpose vehicles

Company Brochure

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Project Details