Quality policy

As a customer-oriented company, Wendt-Automotive GmbH sees its duty to offer innovative quality products and services that meet the requirements and wishes of customers in terms of suitability, use, performance, safety and reliability. We always strive for a long-term relationship with our customers.

We achieve this by observing and implementing the following principles:

  • Quality in our products
  • Our responsibility and expertise
  • Our customer-oriented behavior
  • Our fast and reliable customer servic

Environment and safety policy

Protection and preservation of our environment are recognized and desirable goals. Wendt-Automotive GmbH has therefore formulated the following environmental and safety guidelines. Not only the company, but also every single employee is obliged to follow these guidelines.

Minimizing the environmental impact and the risk of accidents
It is our goal to minimize and compensate for the environmental impacts that we can influence, in order to make a contribution to protecting our environment. Safety concerns of our employees must always be given priority.

Accidents, work-related health risks and occupational diseases are to be proactively avoided by acting with foresight.

Employee motivation
The diverse tasks of a company can only be realized with well-informed and committed employees. We therefore attach great importance to training and targeted involvement of employees.

Improving environmental performance and occupational safety
Compliance with legal regulations is the basis of our actions. We are also committed to continuously improving environmental protection, environmental performance, and occupational safety.

We influence our contractual partners to comply with our environmental and safety goals.

Public access
Our basic procedure is documented and accessible to the public.

Compliance with our guidelines is regularly checked, evaluated and, if necessary, in a timely manner Corrective measures initiated.

Data protection

Data security is combined to protect data within operational data processing. Both organizational and technical measures are taken to prevent illegal access (cyber security), prevent the transfer, storage, destruction, and alteration of data. In order to achieve these goals, we have introduced a management system in order to permanently check our organization in a continuous improvement process and to draw conclusions for optimal solutions. The management system introduced to meet these requirements is defined in a manual, including the associated documents. Through constant updates and regular internal audits, the management ensures that the corporate policy of Wendt-Automotive GmbH is understood by every employee, implemented and maintained accordingly. The management evaluates in the annual management review the continuing appropriateness of this corporate policy.

Detailed privacy policy